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Content Warnings for Girl and the Machine

This page is to make readers aware of potentially triggering content within the story. Please read with caution. Your mental health matters.

Self-Harm & Death Topics

  • Brief mention of suicide and character having had thoughts of suicide

  • Death of parents (off page, prior to story start)

Sexual Content

  • None (kissing only)


  • Mention and brief use of guns and laser weaponry

  • Mention of using physical abuse as a means of coercion

  • Attempted murder

  • Indirect murder in self-defense

Blood & Gore

  • Wound stitching and description of open wound

  • Brief description of maiming due to chemical explosion

  • Descriptions of exposed enhanced body parts in maimed body

  • Bodies damaged by explosion



  • Mild swearing

Drugs & Alcohol

  • None

Frightening or Intense

  • Sedation and abduction (off page, mentioned in vague memory, speculation)

  • Implied sedation and abduction prior to scenes with unconscious bodies hooked up to machines

  • Non-explicit experimentation and implied past experimentation on unconscious bodies against their will

  • Discussion of body parts replaced with synthetic and enhanced materials

  • Extreme identity theft involving command/control of one’s body without consent


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