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Content Warnings for The Mystical Bones: Raptoriva

This page is to make readers aware of potentially triggering content within the story. Please read with caution. Your mental health matters.

Self-Harm & Death Topics

  • Impending death of sibling

  • Implied death of sibling (on page, mauled and dragged away)

Sexual Content

  • Attempted sexual assault (implied, physical struggle, clothes on, victim escapes)

  • Character implies sexual favors might improve financial situation ("special favors" is exact phrase used)

  • Male and female characters with romantic interest sleeping next to each other (no sex, implied or otherwise)

  • Kissing


  • Use of weapons (bows, blades, etc.)

  • Attempted murder

  • Indirect murder in self-defense

  • Intentional murder by antagonists

Blood & Gore

  • Characters shot by arrows and bolts

  • Characters cut or stabbed by blades

  • Characters killed or severely wounded by explosion

  • Characters killed by falling from high places

  • Characters killed or mauled by dinosaurs

  • Characters killed and eaten by dinosaurs

  • Death by hot lava



  • In-world swearing (made-up words mimicking real-world cursing)

  • Crude sexual comments (implied) by antagonists

Drugs & Alcohol

  • Alcoholic beverage occasionally consumed by older characters

  • Mention of plant substances and animal by-products used to induce mind-altering side effects when ingested

  • Inadvertent and intentional use of aforementioned substances, altering consciousness and inhibitions

Frightening or Intense

  • Several encounters with monstrous beasts

  • Possibility of teen spending life as indentured servant

  • Competition where death is possible and likely


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