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The Mystical Bones Trilogy

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2024

DECEMBER 8, 2024

A lush, YA romantasy in a captivating world of dinosaurs...

Seventeen-year-old Qora Kanchaya hunts dinosaurs, sometimes for meat, sometimes for dinoleathers that can fetch a high price. When a risky trade that is supposed to solve all her family’s problems lands Qora with an enormous fine she can never pay, she’s left with a choice: Accept a decade of forced servitude while her family loses everything, or enter the Venture, a 250-mile race for a life-changing prize guarded by monstrous dinosaurs.

Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Ninan, the disinherited third son of the nation’s supreme leader, now lives in hiding among lowborns and has turned to prizefighting for money. When he’s given a singular opportunity to earn back his place—if he can compete in the Venture and win—he must decide what his inheritance is worth to him. With very different reasons for entering the competition, Qora and Ninan form an unlikely alliance on the weeks-long journey from their misty mountain homeland to the vicious jungle. Together, they’ll face bloodthirsty competitors, predatory reptiles, the weight of their differences, and a secret that could shatter the growing feelings between them.

Girl and the Machine

A sci-fi Beauty and the Beast retelling.
In the not-so-distant future, eighteen-year-old computer hacker Mirabel “Bel” Solís lives under a fabricated identity after her parents were killed by crime syndicate operatives, while she and her older brother Mateo fear the wrath of a crime boss who remains on the loose. When things go south, Bel and Mateo escape to the wilderness, where Bel picks up an unusual signal. Thinking they’ve stumbled onto a high-tech doomsday bunker that may be the safe haven they need, Bel hacks the security system and lands them both inside an underground smart mansion called the Submundo, which she soon learns is home to a beastly cyborg—and he isn’t happy to have visitors.

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About Me

Hi! I write science fiction and fantasy books. I'm also a graphic designer and mom of two kiddos. I hail from the majestic Pacific Northwest but currently live in Utah. Like any good millennial girl, I love DIY, funny cat videos, and 90s nostalgia. In my very minimal spare time, I sell bookish merch on Etsy and try to crochet things that are too complicated for me. Also, I wish it would rain more.


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